SEPAC relies on fundraising to support our community-based programs such as:

  • Hosting speakers and workshops on supporting special education needs.
  • Fulfilling special education teacher classroom requests.
  • Sponsoring Back to School social events for students and Parent/Caregiver Networking Groups.

Lenora Campoli Fundraiser

For over a decade, Lenora Campoli donated her time and energy to SEPAC, an organization she cared very deeply about. Every fall she could be found at Bedford Day leading wheelchair basketball, auctioning items, or lighting up about events like the ‘Kids on the Block’ puppet show, all of which fostered awareness for disabilities and learning challenges for students and educators. SEPAC continues to work with Lenora’s son, Jason Campoli, and his family on continuing the Lenora Campoli SEPAC Educational Fund which helps the organization’s ongoing efforts to bring continuing education, speakers, and awareness to parents, educators, students and community members about inclusion and support of special education learners. Among other endeavors, this funding has assisted the organization with giving life to the Lenora Campoli SEPAC Speaker Series and creating a scholarship fund.

Bedford SEPAC is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID: 04-2759931).